3 Ways Using A “Divide And Conquer” Strategy Can Solve Your Problems

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The strategy of “divide and conquer” has been around for ages, most often connected with old military battles. Applying this time-tested military strategy to painful tasks in your daily life can help you experience the same success inferior armies used to defeat mightier ones.

Here’s how it works: when facing a superior opponent, the challenger must be broken down into smaller, manageable, and defeat-able segments. Instead of going head to head with a better adversary, it’s more like you’re going head to toe, or head to finger. You are not taking on the whole beast all at once. When you apply this same strategy to very difficult goals or tasks in your life, your path to success becomes a lot easier. For example:

1. Getting back on a fitness plan to lose X amount of pounds.

If you have been inactive for a very long time and want to get back into…

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What Every Woman Learns From Every Man

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Having been friends with an unending number and dated my fair share, I can safely say with much confidence: there’s much to learn from the male species. While books with planets in the title attempt to convince us of our incomparable differences, there’s an unending pool of knowledge women can find in their male counterparts. No, it’s not located in their penis.

Sorry fellas.

Peeing In the Shower Isn’t Gross. Not only does it help with athlete’s foot for you active females, it also saves on groceries. Instead of hovering over a, probably freezing cold, seat and wasting toilet paper you know you can’t afford, just pee while shampooing your lovely locks. Don’t worry, your Herbal Essences “Hydralicious” will drown out the smell.

Everyone Hurts. While certain gut-wrenching situations can seem gender specific, they aren’t always. Don’t assume our male brethren cannot comprehend the depths of our painful pasts or…

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5 Ways Stoicism Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur

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The philosophical school of Stoicism is, I believe, the perfect operating system for thriving in high-stress environments. For entrepreneurs, it’s a godsend.

Both Seneca and Marcus Aurelius have been extensively written about elsewhere. But what of Cato, about whom Dante said, “And what earthly man was more worthy to signify God than Cato?”

One of my favorite anecdotes of Cato is from Plutarch. I quote it often (see Practical Pessimism):

“Seeing the lightest and gayest purple was then most in fashion, he would always wear that which was the nearest black; and he would often go out of doors, after his morning meal, without either shoes or tunic; not that he sought vain-glory from such novelties, but he would accustom himself to be ashamed only of what deserves shame, and to despise all other sorts of disgrace.”

The following article was written by Rob Goodman and Jimmy Soni. At…

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