3 Ways Using A “Divide And Conquer” Strategy Can Solve Your Problems

Thought Catalog

The strategy of “divide and conquer” has been around for ages, most often connected with old military battles. Applying this time-tested military strategy to painful tasks in your daily life can help you experience the same success inferior armies used to defeat mightier ones.

Here’s how it works: when facing a superior opponent, the challenger must be broken down into smaller, manageable, and defeat-able segments. Instead of going head to head with a better adversary, it’s more like you’re going head to toe, or head to finger. You are not taking on the whole beast all at once. When you apply this same strategy to very difficult goals or tasks in your life, your path to success becomes a lot easier. For example:

1. Getting back on a fitness plan to lose X amount of pounds.

If you have been inactive for a very long time and want to get back into…

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