are you building your dream? (part 1)

build your own dream today or someone will hire you to build theirs instead!” These are the words i read on an internet forum encouraging people who read it to live their own lives instead of living the lives applied by others. Surely having a degree, a nice job with a fair salary, a house, a car, wife and kids are what most of us dreamed of. Is it true? Does that dream implies who you really are? Does that ideal dream will decide how you will raise your child and how you will feed your family? Where does your degree has brought you so far? How if i tell you that this is all just about spending and consuming.

Have you ever wonder what is the purpose of your life? Did you ever think that finally you’ve made it this far but then, there is still a long journey lies ahead of you. Have you ever spend a little amount of time everyday just to be grateful for what you have, the lesson learned, and what lies ahead? Have you ever think that actually you are not living your own life, that you are living everybody’s expectations but not based on your free will? Your parents made you go to that school, take that degree, work on that job and choose that particular spouse to live in that particular house your mom’s always wanted. Decisions are made for you on the workplace, you’re just a human capital for the company, a cog, a part of a bigger machine. Where do you stand as an individual in a society based on a two centuries old system. Do you still feel as a part of an ethnic group, an unique cultural habitat, or a part of a community?

I’m a Sundanese male, born and raised in the land of the deities or parahyangan. for almost two decades I lived in a small town, south from Bandung, the Capitol City of West Java Province. People tend to get out of my hometown as soon as possible and move where the bigger guns are, but not for me. There’s something on the green rocky hills of Gunung Singah, the paddy fields of Sungapan and the creek of Leuwi Munding where i use to spend most of my childhood. The trailways of the ancient Situ Bandung volcano can be seen atop of the hill, to the northern side of my hometown, with the snake-like streams led to Citarum and the green paddy fields that stretched as far as the eyes can see but distorted by housings and factory complexes. This is the place where people are evicted from their way of life, their cultural heritage and their mother tongue.

People went to the cities or produces the basic needs of the people in the cities just to make ends meet they say, but based on my observation, they have meet more than their ends. The metropolitan way of life, the consuming fashion, sewed by the hands of the people here. Rice, meat, poultry and vegetables that raised from farms and fields southern from my hometown. Yet, they gave us indecent shows on TV, factories, mini marts and malls. They give us pollutants in our air, soil and water. Where are we, Sundanese people is going to “live” and thrive as a part of a large nation of Nusantara?

English: Dam in the Citarum river Nederlands: ...

English: Dam in the Citarum river Nederlands: Foto. Stuw in de rivier Citarum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


8 thoughts on “are you building your dream? (part 1)

  1. is that Easy to dream of an ideal house,, but it’s so Hard (not easy) to build or to make it???
    Is it Harder to do or to make something ideal Than to dream of something ideal??

    #jd lieur ngahuleung mode on πŸ˜‰

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